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The Hews Company carries a full line of SnowDogg snowplows and SaltDogg Spreaders by Buyers, available in stainless steel or poly, and electric, gas, or hydraulic operated. Hews also carries a full line of replacement snowplow and sander parts. All equipment can be installed by Hews’ service departments in South Portland, Maine or Bow, New Hampshire.

Snow Equipment Applications:

Hews supplies snow equipment for the following types of customers:

• Municipal

• Landscapers

• Property Managers

• Hospitals/Nursing Homes

• Road Maintenance

• Garages

• Construction

Buyers Snow Equipment Products:


SaltDogg Stainless Steel 8’ length, 1.8 yd capacity

SaltDogg Poly Spreader with Gas Engine

Snow Plows

SnowDogg Stainless V-Plow

SnowDogg Plow MD + EX Series Stainless Plow Blade

Hews Company is an authorized dealer for:

  Service Bodies
  Custom Bodies
  Platform Bodies
  Van Bodies
  Truck-mounted Forklifts
  Snow and Ice Equipment
  Used Equipment
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